There are many recruiters across the country facing two simple challenges for their businesses

1. Getting approval to fill open job opportunities

2. Finding qualified candidates

Some recruiting firms are single person operations while others are larger firms with many individual recruiters focused on volume. The range of experience varies from firm to firm with some having 30+ years of hands-on direct experience in their business sector (ex. Accounting) to recent graduates making 100 scripted phone calls a day. There are also experienced recruiters that understand the nuances of the staffing business and others making their first placement. So how are we different?

Garrison Specialty Search, LLC is owned and managed by MeetingHouse Growth Ventures, LLC. MHGV uses a business consulting model and forms relationships with leaders of middle-market businesses on a daily basis. By addressing needs in risk management, risk control, surety, health and benefits as well as other key areas, we get to know your business well and are here to help when there’s urgency in executive hiring. We are not calling you everyday to see if you have an open position…we’ll know when you do. Once you have that need, we address it with a respectful proposition to find the right fit for you. You can choose either a retained search or contingency relationship with Garrison. It’s your choice.

Even better, at Garrison, we don’t hire junior recruiters. Each of the members of our staff all have direct hands on experience in the specialty fields we service and have reached a high level of success in the staffing field applying that experience. We also tap into a nationwide network of specialty recruiters to assist us in finding the right candidates. We manage those relationships so you’re not bombarded with a multitude of calls from a multitude of recruiters. Under retained search, those calls come to us. We interview each applicant and only introduce you to the top candidates. There’s nothing worse than wasting your time on interviews with poor applicants.

In today’s world and as we are all learning via our coronavirus experience, many jobs can be performed remotely. This change in our workforce gives us an opportunity to find talent for you across the country. Again, our national network of recruiters helps us find talent anywhere.

Our primary areas of concentration are in: accounting, finance, operations, risk management & insurance, health & benefits. We pledge to serve.